Hands tell all

Mugshot was born out of a need to refresh a brand's product series. Adding a take on the traditional mugshot placard, this series adds a light-hearted and versatile approach to the idea.

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Handmade, fun and fresh

Cookie Cottage is a small, family-owned and operated bakery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their cookie recipe is so infamous that only the two store managers know the actual recipe. The logo concept was to create a handmade, fun and fresh identity that correlates with their handmade cookies. 

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Locked Up

Mugshot was born out of a need to refresh a brand's product series. This version of Mugshot was another take on the traditional mugshot by locking up the logo.

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Quirky, unique, with a Western twang

Buffalo Exchange is a family-run fashion retailer that buys and resells used clothing. Each store is created with a unique, quirky, and slightly Western twang. The logo redesign was inspired by these core characteristics while playing with hand-crafted letters. 

In, and on, your face

Mugshot was born out of a need to refresh a brand's product series. Taking away the traditional visual of a mugshot and balancing it with a playful, highly stylized design focusing on showcasing ingredients.

Power and defiance of gravity

The feeling of falling is something that is unparalleled and welcome by some. With the redesign of Zero Gravity, a thrill park in Dallas, TX, the goal is to emulate this idea of the power, and defiance, of gravity that can be felt through their rides. 

Key Visual_square-02.jpg

Packaging for an exhibit

Exhibit Exquisite was born out of a need to refresh a brand's product series. Exhibit Exquisite presents a series of artist exhibitions through the form of the ingredients. 

Visualizing a persona

Whitney is an indie band based out of Chicago with an interesting backstory. After two guys, Max and Julien, both went through rough breakups, they started to create music together. Through the creation of music, they felt they were able to free themselves of their heartbreak through the alternate persona "Whitney." The crossbar of the T serves as a representation of this new persona that brought together two different identities through warm, simple, and earnest music.


Simplified curls

DevaCurl is a mid-ranged hair product for curly hair designed to minimize frizz and maximize texture. Often times, taking care of curly hair means multiple products. DevaCurl makes it simple with a simple three step process. The updated identity plays a role in the packaging as it attempts to simplify and streamline the complicated process of taking care of natural curls.